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View Diary: How the NRA crowd caters to women. Oh, Lord. (78 comments)

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    = I don't know about pink, but women are a very receptive market for small handguns for self defense.

    Yet, only a small proportion of women own handguns and even with all guns its around 10% of women.  

    That's not a receptive market.  It's you projecting your personal obsession and subculture onto the culture as a whole.  

    ===And if you don't see the implied aspersions in the comment, I doubt any explanation I can give will clarify it for you.

    What is the implied aspersion?  That southerners are more likely to own guns?  Is that an aspersion now?  Or is it a fact quite consistently shown in every survey on gun ownership?

    BTW, I don't know of any good studies of the percent of women who believe in alien abduction, but the percent surely rivals the number of women who own handguns which is tiny.  You should apologize to decembersue.  She is almost certainly correct.

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