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  •  That would make a lot of gun owners happy (1+ / 0-)
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    I have a handgun purchase permit from the state of California, as well as a Certificate of Eligibility (a voluntary, notarized form where I submitted extra background information and my fingerprints to the CA Department of Justice and the FBI), and handgun safety instructor's certification (again, notarized with fingerprints and extra information). That's in addition to a 03 FFL from the BATFE, which also involved fingerprints plus filing a copy with the local sheriff's department. All together, this has cost me hundreds of dollars (thankfully spread out over time). And that's not to mention renewal fees.

    I still have to pay for a background check that has a ten day waiting period every time I buy a firearm with the exception of curio and relic firearms, and even then, for handguns, I still have to pay the same Dealer Record of Sale (the background check fee is part of the DROS, no discount).

    I don't know that having one background check ever, or only once every number of years, is the best idea, but I will admit it would certainly be far more convenient and less expensive.

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