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  •  Your opinion and mine: both do not matter (3+ / 0-)

    At least so far as the law of the land is concerned. The Supreme Court interpreted the Second Amendment as an individual right, not one belonging only to members of a militia (which most men in the United States belong to anyway).

    You may argue that their interpretation is wrong, that this wasn't what the writers of the Constitution meant, or that the definitions or placement of commas mandate a certain reading. And certainly you can (and should!) discuss the limits to place upon individual ownership or use of firearms.

    But what you cannot argue---at least, not without departing from reality---is the plain fact that as of this moment, people in the United States do have a right to firearms. That is the what SCOTUS decided the Second Amendment safeguards and until and unless the ruling is overturned, that is how the law will and must treat the Second Amendment as meaning.

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