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  •  Militia Act. The Militia was all able bodied men (0+ / 0-)

    And it's pretty clear from both context and history that "regulated" in the Second Amendment means being able to show up armed and knowing how to use their weapons - regulations as we conceive of them today pretty much did not exist back then.

    •  well regulated = well trained. (0+ / 0-)

      So where's the training requirement?  ANY training requirement, even the most basic safety knowledge so idiots don't let their kids play with weapons and kill other kids.  The NRA is even against this!

      Most people are not talking banning guns.  A few people are, but the vast majority in the center are only in favor of common sense regulations.  All but one of the proposed pieces of legislation went no-where close to banning guns, and the one exception talked about a few specific assault rifles (not banning all guns).  No, I am not interested in getting to a dumb game of defining "assault rifle".  Most of the proposed laws that were filibustered were about background checks (not banning), stopping mentally ill people from buying guns (not banning), closing the gun show loophole (not banning), and stopping strawman purchases to stop guns being bought in large quantities in lax states for sale to criminals in strict gun law states (again, not freaking banning).  So quit the game of but but Second Amendment and freeeeedom.  The Heller case which broke new ground in reinterpreting the "personal right" ALSO stated that gun regulations were allowed.  It's not an unlimited right for anyone to buy any weapon and carry it anywhere.

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