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  •  Pfizer, Inc. did have rights to marijuana as did (7+ / 0-)

    almost all of the big time pharmaceutical companies. Hereare pictures of the bottles their prescribed tinctures came in.

    As the page notes PARKE DAVIS & COMPANY is what we now know as Pfizer, Inc.

    Here is a close up of their bottle, evidently a favorite with collectors

    They weren't clever with the name
    Cannabis USP
    Fluid Extract No. 598

    The colored close up shows it was manufactured April 14 1928 in Detroit MI

    As you can see from picture and first link page writes about this is a Made in America product. (Wonder if Clint Eastwood did an ad for that Detroit product too.)

    Next notice the emphasis on the words "American Cannabis" (AKA Cannabis Americana), after which the label goes on to say, "Therapeutic action the same as that of Cannabis Indica." This was because so many people held the belief that Cannabis that was grown in British India was superior to that grown in America.[5]
    This is from chapter 4 of THE ANTIQUE CANNABIS BOOK

    Fascinating and well worth a look at the least. The use of it for asthma, corns, migraine headaches and 'female ailments' have their own chapters and chapter 11 covers the many things it was prescribed for. One of the major medreferences docs used was

    According to the [1910] textbook "Therapeutics, Materia Medica and Pharmacy" By S. L. Potter; Medical Cannabis was recommended toward the following ailments:

        Analgesics or Anodynes (pg. 15)
        Aphrodisiacs (pg. 24)
        Deliriants (pg. 28 )
        Diuretics (pg. 30-31 )
        Hypnotics (sleeping pills) (pg. 39-37 )
        Narcotics (pg. 40-41 )
        Pulmonary Sedatives (pg. 42 )
        Vestical Sedatives (pg. 49 )
        Albuminuria (pg. 574 )
        Appetite (pg. 583 )
        Asthma (pg. 587-588 )
        Bladder, Irritable (pg. 591 )
        Bladder, Paralysis of. (pg. 591 )
        Bright's Disease, Acute (pg. 593 )
        Bright's Disease, Chronic (pg. 594 )
        Chordee (pg. 614 )
        Corns (pg. 624 )
        Cystitis, Acute (pg. 628 )
        Delirium (pg. 630-631 )
        Dysmenorrhea (pg. 643 )
        Dysuria (pg. 647 )
        Epilepsy (pg. 654-656 )
        Gonorrhea (pg. 674 )
        Headache, Congestive (pg. 680 )
        Headache, Congestive (pg. 680-681 )
        Hematuria (pg. 686)
        Hemicrania (pg. 687 )
        Impotence (pg. 700-701 )
        Insomnia (pg. 705-706 )
        Melancholia (pg. 730 )
        Metrorrhagia (pg. 734-735 )
        Neuralgia (pg. 740-741 )
        Opium Habit (pg. 749 )
        Ovaralgia (pg. 753)
        Ovaritis (pg. 753-754 )
        Pain (pg. 755-756 )
        Paralysis and Paresis (pg. 757 )
        Paralysis Agitans (pg. 757-758 )
        Pertussis (pg. 763 )
        Phthisis (pg. 766-768 )
        Tetanus (pg. 833-834 )
        Tic Douloureux (pg. 835-836 )
        Trismus (pg. 843 )
        Urinary disorders (pg. 853 )
        Uterine Cancer (pg. 860-861 )

    Look, this medicine was all researched and studies done and debates had about the best type of cannabis, the best form (tincture, rub, smoked, eaten, poultice) and the dose for various ailments. (By the way mostly they prescribed it in smoked forms for asthma)

    This online book has crazy good info and documentation. They even have many of the old ads and tells so much about its legal years and the creep to reefer madness hysteria and eventual outlawing.

    It all makes a farce of the "no known medical uses" crap authorities pull, it was a long respected and effective prescribed legal drug.
    How many things do those drug companies make today that can be so effective for so many things with so few side effects.

    So anyway, here's to Fluid Extract No. 598. (A watered down tincture)
    To health and sanity

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