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  •  Okay, educate me about this: (0+ / 0-)
    This can make for rapid shooting but not nearly as rapid as an automatic weapon.
    What is the difference in "rapid"ness between an automatic weapon and an AR with a bump fire stock?

    Note: I may have got some technical jargon wrong. Please use your imagination to help me out with my question. How much more rapid is the automatic weapon?

    Bump fire stock youtube video.

    •  I am no expert on bump fire. (3+ / 0-)
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      AdamR510, ZedMont, sturunner

      I do know that the literature on them claims that "a separate decision must be made to fire each round" whatever that means.  My understanding, and I could be off on this, is that there is pressure that must be applied on the stock to keep the weapon firing. So it isn't necessarily a new trigger pull but a new shoulder squeeze.

      Perhaps with practice a person could fire a bump fired weapon as rapidly as a fully auto one. The real question though is why, other than to make a lot of noise? Did you notice in the video you linked to that in the bump fire mode they did not show the target, probably because he wasn't hitting it very often.

      Even the military modified its weapons to burst fire (2-3 rounds at a time) because of the ineffectiveness of the fully auto mode.

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