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    where do you buy it if you don't mind me asking?

     i'm a paid member here and a follower of goa. piss on the nra. i don't support any anti-gun pols.

    i think kos posted a diary titled "the libertarian dem".

    i took my grandkids out and had the lady that teaches 4-h to run them through that program. bought my grandson a 597 and gave my granddaughter my 10/22. i should add that i painted the 10/22 stock electric pink. she loves it. actually all the men at the range love it. we are shooters.

    i have permits in 2 states. i could get more if i wanted. i carry. i don't if care if you do or don't. but if you have a problem with guns, well please don't. if you have any spare .22lr, i'm accepting donations. just to keep them out of unsafe hands...yours.

                                      peaceup  billy

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