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  •  Nearly stalled landing as a kid (14+ / 0-)

    Airfield north of my house was a "field" - dirt runway, about 2000', basically N/S.  I knew the area on the south end well - it was basically my backyard and I knew in spring it was very muddy down there as the north end of the runway was probably at least 10 feet higher in elevation.  All the spring run-off collected down there.

    So I was cutting speed, cutting speed, and my instructor said "Ed, you're near stall're below stall speed!" and wham! I was looking right at the ground maybe 50' away.  I panicked, and tried to pull up on the stick, but my instructor had me beat with his adrenaline.  We leveled out maybe 15 feet up.

    I was shaking really bad getting out, and had soiled my pants both ways.  No delayed reaction there...

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