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  •  360 million people in this country. (10+ / 0-)

    We can come up with a Bush or a Clinton?

    that's it?

    I'm supposed to be happy/supportive/thankful?

      •  ditto... (2+ / 0-)
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        rbird, Portlaw

        If I've said it once, I've said it twice...there ought to be a law prohibiting two members of the same family from holding the highest office in the land.

        Look at how the Bush duo changed rule after rule to work to the advantage of their family and their friends.  Think how a third member of the same family could set things up, with the latter pardoning one of the former two for committing treason (something that the current administration should have pursued but didn't).  

        And even if there is no legal law, certainly there should be a moral/ethical code that would prohibit a second or third member of the same family to even consider running; it is unseemly, at very least.  

        Two senators from the same family is not a big threat, as there are, theoretically, 98 other senators to counter potential laws favoring one family, but two presidents (or more) from the same family would have too many opportunities to commit unethical acts, and that is very troubling.  

        It's bad enough that almost all our current "representatives" are members of the same class and serve their equals or would-be-equals, forgetting about the needs and interests of the poor and the middle class.  

        It is time to have government participation/representation from more segments of society, not just a limited one or two.  

    •  i'm with you (Bushs,Dole, Clintons) (4+ / 0-)

      Between 1976 and 2004 there was a bush or a dole running the GOP Top line,

      now we want to do that Clintons?

      she was a competent senator, a competent sec state, a competent first lady.

      Isnt' that enough ambition for one person?

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