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  •  It has nothing to do with morality (10+ / 0-)

    This is how capitalism as a system operates.  It's a competitive game played by individuals who fight as individuals to make the biggest profit or wage.  The game does not require they take into account any other aspect of social life.  Capitalism itself is pathological.

    •  Or simply EVIL. (0+ / 0-)

      There is a modern tendency to avoid that word.  We say "sick" to avoid making the value judgment of saying "bad".  We say "pathological" instead of using the moral judgment, EVIL.  I understand why, because there was such abuse of the concept for centuries preceding us.  But while we need to recognize that Good and Evil are profoundly human, not universal concepts, and that true Gods are probably above such petty ideas, they're pretty important on a human level dealing with social relationships.  We need to accept that some human behaviors are GOOD for humans, for human societies, and for humanity in a global village.  And some human behaviors are just WRONG, in the same context.  Unregulated competition motivated by nothing but personal greed is one of those behaviors.

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