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  •  If you want to know how much she is hated, (9+ / 0-)

    listen to Matt Farmer's speech at the Chicago Teacher's Union...

    There is no underestimating the amount of influence Robert Rubin and the Hamilton Project had on Obama's policies:

    Not so! The clear message from the Hamilton Project is this:
    1) entitlements must be cut, including Social Security;
    2) more jobs must be outsourced overseas;
    3) more NAFTA-type agreements must be drafted and entered into;
    4) strict budgetary policies must be applied to entitlements and especially health care "reform" (whereas the defense department is skirted).
    One only has to look at the Hamilton Project, at Obama’s speech to that group in April, 2006, and the numerous articles and books that they have peddled to see that their outlook is overwhelmingly corporatist and pro-big business. It is, then, anti-progressive not liberal and certainly not progressive.
    And you might want to read Robert Sheer's article posted at the Huffington Post today:
    Obama Did It For The Money

    The love fest between Barack Obama and his top fundraiser Penny Pritzker that has led to her being nominated as Commerce secretary would not be so unseemly if they both just confessed that they did it for the money. Her money, not his, financed his rise to the White House from less promising days back in Chicago.

    "Without Penny Pritzker, it is unlikely that Barack Obama ever would have been elected to the United States Senate or the presidency," according to a gushing New York Times report last year that read like the soaring jacket copy of a steamy romance novel. "When she first backed him during his 2004 Senate run, she was No. 152 on the Forbes list of the wealthiest Americans. He was a long-shot candidate who needed her support and imprimatur. Mr. Obama and Ms. Pritzker grew close, sometimes spending weekends with their families at her summer home."

    But don't sell the lady short; she wasn't swept along on some kind of celebrity joyride. Pritzker, the billionaire heir to part of the Hyatt Hotels fortune, has long been first off an avaricious capitalist, and if she backed Obama, it wasn't for his looks. Never one to rest on the laurels of her immense inherited wealth, Pritzker has always wanted more. That's what drove her to run Superior Bank into the subprime housing swamp that drowned the institution's homeowners and depositors alike before she emerged richer than before.

    I've read many articles about this woman: she is not a good person...

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