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View Diary: Why is Corporate America
 fanning the flames of violence in Chicago? (75 comments)

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    know firsthand how Rahm feels about liberal Democrat's. You fu***g reta**s are just an irritant that he can and does ignore. Lets face it this administration is not going to leave any aspect of public intact unless we the people stop them. Rahm's being appointed as WH, CofS being one of the first indicators of which direction was their 'Way Forward'. The next Cof S Daley was a double whammy JP Morgan and the corrupt Chicago   Daley branch of the corporate Democratic political machine.  When they talk education reform you know they mean no child's ass left behind. Yes I agree that corporate America is fanning violence and not just via the public education system. As long as were fighting with and killing each other it allows them to continue to destroy everything public including the common good. Anti-human technocratic sociopaths care not about the circle violence or poverty it's a business opportunity.        

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