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    I follow Rebel Capitalist as do many thousands, at my ... find him there perhaps.

    Not sure what Time Bank is. And not sure who posted it, but a word search for work bank should get it. He or someone gave a personal example how it would help folk who have skills going to waste, but needed by others.

    One thing that I am curious about with successful co-ops, is what retirement benefits, if any, as compared to worker and boss corporate jobs. I guess they get aboard Social Security etc. automatically, and perhaps that is the only benefit they get.

    Many of us well beyond retirement age are acutely aware of retirement concerns just now, with attacks not only on Social Security, but private pensions, teacher pensions, veteran benefits.... The compassion-challenged White House and Congress threaten continued existence of all that, though it is not their money to deny.... we earned it. By work, something few of them ever performed.

    Tired of elected Democrats' timidity and blunders? Join the Jobs & Peace Democrats, or organize a Jobs & Peace Party.

    by catfoodnation on Tue May 07, 2013 at 01:33:19 PM PDT

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