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View Diary: How much are you willing to pay for clothes that didn't kill anyone? (40 comments)

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  •  We drive down our wages by low wages overseas. (0+ / 0-)

    If Wal-mart sells cheap clothes we can afford, then the necessity to pay workers in America a living wage is less intense. Unfortunately, the burden of social change is on the American consumer, whose wages are two or three dollars above the minimum wage. It's a cruel situation that Americans have to take it upon themselves to put what little disposable income that they have into buying "Made in 'America'" clothes, while those at the top have the power to make real change by implementing policies they have the power, but not the will, to implement.

    In my case, the bulk of my clothes are second hand, and whatever I do buy is usually solid so I can wear it on different days. Goodwill is the main source of my shopping, but I have recently learned that they are not perfect, either, in the manner in which they compensate their workers. Still, I feel better knowing that what I'm wearing is not in a landfill.

    It is all from the same beast: these mega-marts that pay people as little as possible, while forcing these same people to buy their cheap goods, which is all we can afford.

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