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View Diary: GOP and their media pinning big hopes on Benghazi 'revelations,' maybe including Obama's resignation (142 comments)

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    Colonel Dick Brauer of the 'Special Operations Speaks' PAC with offices (ready to accept your donation) a few blocks from the White House.  It's been all Benghazi (only Obama/HRC's fault of course) all the time from him.  I'm going to send a real postal letter that says, 'Remember when Rudy Giuliani managed to say 'noun-verb-9 -11' every time he opened his mouth?  Well, Colonel Brauer, you are just saying 'noun-verb-Benghazi' every time you open yours and NO ONE is paying attention.  Remember what a has-been Giuliani is? Oh, sorry, you don't remember him?'

    And then the rest of the page will be filled with 'noun-verb-Benghazi' in bold type. I could unsubscribe from their list but this would be a lot more fun.

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