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View Diary: I Still Love Daily Kos, Even After You Ban Me :) (387 comments)

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  •  I've always thought that a person should (17+ / 0-)

    have the ability to edit in a greater period of time; that it should be a special function that automatically notes the edit; and that it should appear as part of the original comment.  I feel like that would prevent the piling on that happens when someone inadvertently writes something offensive.

    That's actually why I usually do not go immediately to a hide rate and I ask the commenter to clarify - just in case they've made a mistake. If they haven't or they defend their comment, then the pile on could begin.  But as it stands now, sometimes you have to scroll through tons of other comments responding angrily before you end up seeing the comment from the poster saying that they made a mistake or that they meant something else.

    I just think that a way to adjust the original comment - that is clearly marked as such - would help avoid the shark feeding frenzy that sometimes occurs because of a simple mistake.  I don't think that those feeding frenzies are good for this community.

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