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View Diary: The Law of Unintended Consequences: Threaten the 2nd Amendment, Alienate the Military - Part II (187 comments)

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    Search the Constitution and find mention of the Pentagon or the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  You won't find them.  I'll bet you didn't know that Article 1, section 8 forbids any military appropriation for more than two years.  Here's how the constitution assumed the United States was to form an army.  The congress would send out a call to the states and they would contribute their various militias -- if they felt like it.  This was deliberate.  It was based on the British system.  After Oliver Cromwell's dictatorial rule with a powerful standing army at his back, the British broke their military into regiments to be raised and maintained by individual counties or wealthy landowners who whould arm and equip their own regiments at their own expense.  Any decision to employ the army had to get past them first.  The new American nation adopted the same system.  Why do you think the second amendment refers to a "well regulated militia"?  This system proved clumsy and inefficient during the civil war (and disastrous to the Confederacy).  After the war America abandoned it (as did Britain in 1870).  Standing armies always curdle into right wing organizations no matter where you look.  That is the result of our experiment in a volunteer military.  We maintain it at our peril.

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