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View Diary: Syria - For Republicans There is No Downside -or- How Democrats Can Really Be Hurt (86 comments)

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  •  I seem to remember something about a (2+ / 0-)
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    Kane in CA, poco

    national uprising. I didn't know all those people were U.S. 'proxies' that we used (paid?) to instigate  it!

    Oh wait: the 'proxies' weren't the whole number of protesters if they were 'instigators'; they were some elite cadre and the Syrian people just mindlessly followed them like a bunch of sheep.

    Now me, I always thought of the Arab Spring as real, full-fledged grown-up human beings like us, with independent thinking skills and everything.

    But I guess you know better. You are smart!

    •  No, I'm an antiwar propagandist, like my (4+ / 0-)

      sig line says.  You know that already.

      "I'm an antiwar propagandist as accused by democrats. Not even republicans have called me that."

      by BigAlinWashSt on Tue May 07, 2013 at 06:14:51 PM PDT

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    •  There's not denying that (7+ / 0-)

      the Syrian people rose up in defiance of Assad, who leads a repressive regime. And the Syrian people deserve far better than an authoritarian regime known for its violence against dissent. But there's also no denying that there were attempts to destablilise the regime before the uprisings. The US has funded propaganda campaigns against the regime since 2005according to Wikileaks and there were weapons being captured by the Syrians just prior to the start of the uprisings. This link is from March 11 2011 but there are also other reports. And in this video from the Real News, a former al-Jazeera journalist explains why he resigned. He says he saw foreign fighters with weapons entering Syria in May 2011 and he notes many of his other reasons for resigning.

      The point is that there was a genuine uprising in Syria that was destroyed by both the regime violence against it and foreign support that quickly militarised the revolution and in my view, usurping the uprising and the very legitimate demands of the Syrian people.

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