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View Diary: The Republican Party has officially embraced adultery, corruption, and hypocrisy (114 comments)

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  •  It seems she was... (17+ / 0-)

    arrested for contempt of court during her divorce proceedings. Her side of the story is that her ex-husband claimed she was keeping the children and apparently the "discussion" in the court room caused the Judge to have her arrested for contempt. Typical false equivalence argument it makes me sad people fall for it.

    This makes about as much sense as Mike Huckabee on mescaline. - Prodigal 2-6-2008

    by Tonedevil on Tue May 07, 2013 at 10:30:38 PM PDT

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    •  BOTH she and her husband were arrested for contemp (11+ / 0-)

      contempt of court because of the heated discussion in the courtroom. She was trying to keep her children away from her abusive husband. This was in 1988. TWENTY SEVEN years ago.

      Busch went on TV on the eve of election day to try to counter these rumors that she had committed an actual CRIME.

      This is the slimeball whisper campaign the Republicans saved for the last minute, much like the "black love child" bit that was launched at McCain in the hideous primary fight down here.

      Politically my state is a fetid swamp, and the Republicans are little creatures from the Black Lagoon. It's a shame, because otherwise this is a wonderful place to live and even the Republicans are really sweet people on an interpersonal level if you don't ever talk about anything political. They're just dead ignorant and pig-eyed when it comes to their political judgments, and will believe ANY gaud dang thing they hear against Democrats.

      Oh, yeah, I forgot to say that the white people here are racist to the core, believing that there is a small minority of Good Black People but they are far overwhelmed by a huge majority of BAD, BAD, BAD ones. ("I'm sorry to have to say it," a very charming lady said to me once, "but there really is such a thing as a ni -- er, and this state is overrun with them.")

      "Ni -- er" being defined as the dirty, shiftless, lazy, drugged, out-to-grab everything- they-can-get-their-hands-on -government-or-private- by-fair-means-or-foul- but-mostly-foul persons of the brown-skinned persuasion. Are we clear on the definition? Good. Because I want you to know that the Democrats are known around here (although it is never said aloud) as the Ni -- ers' Party.

      And that's probably REALLY all you need to know to figure out why Mark Sanford won last night. Not only is he male and Republican, they don't come whiter and less interested in AA issues than Markie-Poo.

      •  It is hard as hell to be a Democrat, progressive, (4+ / 0-)

        liberal, in South Carolina. I used to be one, till I moved to Colorado a few years ago. I truly admire the brave and energetic work done by Colbert Busch and her supporters. It was a sad thing to watch the reality of South Carolina politics slap everyone in the face last night.

        Here are a few comments from my friends in Charleston on the front lines...

        I'll say one thing for this election. I am in love with the 31,206 Charlestonians who voted for Elizabeth. I want to meet every single one, personally. You ROCK. Y'all liberals in other parts of the country have no idea how much courage and vision it takes to be Democratic in this part of the world.
        It's like defending a mean boy just because he's pretty. Where shall we live? Someplace where they support environmental science. A place where you can go look at a Rembrandt, a Renoir, a Diebenkorn. Watch a flamenco duo in a bar. Hear Ann Carson read. Be part of a majority liberal establishment. Maybe I will feel different tomorrow, but today I'm tired of working so hard just to make it okay.
        The monumental stupidity of the people of SC has once again revealed itself. Gotta get outa here
        I have never felt this angry at South Carolina.. Utterly hopeless.
      •  How do you explain (0+ / 0-)

        Tim Scott holding this seat and being appointed Senator? I'm not trying to make a point, I'm just curious about how he succeeded in such a racist environment.

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