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  •  Yep Rumsfeld Domino theory (6+ / 0-)

    Rumsfeld's history lessons - Iraq and Fascism - September 2006

    We are told we have to fight the terrorists "over there," otherwise we'll have to fight them "over here." This used to be called the "Domino Theory" during Vietnam. If we let Vietnam fall, we'd be soon fighting Communists at home.
    The best comparison to a war of the past is America's involvement in Vietnam ... a Civil War where the enemy blends into the populace, where raw military force cannot crush the opposition, where we are told to "stay the course" and told that if we don't, the Domino Theory will mean we end up fighting them here. - emphasis added
    This part of the neo-con rationale hasn't changed much with time no matter how contrived or farfetched

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