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View Diary: Heritage study co-author wrote paper on 'substantially lower' IQ of Hispanic, other immigrants (194 comments)

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  •  Speaking of dishonest and Heritage (8+ / 0-)

    TPM reports that Heritage has disavowed the past recommendations of the co-author, Richwine.

    But not his similar recommendations in the study itself.

    Talk about blaming the messenger but embracing the message!

    Richwine in 2009

    “No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against," Richwine wrote.
    And the 2013 Heritage study?
    Richwine's Heritage report claimed immigration reform would balloon the deficit primarily because undocumented immigrants would be unable to improve their education and income levels over several generations.

    Just because the government keeps a record of real property transfers, it doesn't mean that the government wants to confiscate your home.

    by NCJan on Wed May 08, 2013 at 11:22:41 AM PDT

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