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View Diary: Heritage study co-author wrote paper on 'substantially lower' IQ of Hispanic, other immigrants (194 comments)

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  •  That's incredibly ignorant and ascientific (0+ / 0-)
    This is really about decisionmaking with incomplete information. I do not rule out the possibility that someday IQ will be measured adequately, and will be found to be linked to biological, not social, components of race. But until extremely strong evidence of that is produced, I choose to believe there is no such biological link.
    Think about it...

    If there is no biological (presumably you mean genetic) link then obviously you cannot have selection pressure on intelligence - you can't select for a non-hereditary trait.

    Therefore, you can't have evolution of intelligence.

    Therefore, obviously, human intelligence did not evolve.

    Um... really want to go there?  Presumably God saw some cute hairless apes on the savannah and said "Let them be smart!"?

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