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  •  My email to Ellwood & the president of Harvard (17+ / 0-)

    I sent similar emails to Ellwood and Harvard Pres. Drew Faust:

    Dr. Drew Faust,  5/8/13

    I am very alarmed about the reports that Jason Richwine received a PhD from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government with a very questionable dissertation, which presents as scientific fact Richwine's racist ideas about lower intelligence among the Hispanic population.  The names of the three professors who signed off on Richwine's despicable work, which has even been rejected by the Heritage Foundation, have been made public.  What will the Office of the President and the Kennedy School of Government do about this scandal, which casts doubt on your esteemed university?

    I have notified Dr. David Ellwood.  I hope Jason Richwine and his questionable Dissertation Committee get immediate attention.


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