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View Diary: Update on Florida teen arrested for doing science while Black (268 comments)

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    Read the article. Her goal was clearly not to make a "bomb" because she used a tiny bottle, which indicates that she was performing a small scale experiment, not trying to blow anything up, and the "explosion" was that the reaction released enough gas to pop the top of the bottle off. Nothing exploded.

    If that's a bomb, Eepy Bird ( are terrorists!

    Yes, doing stuff on school grounds is stupid, so she should get yelled at. As others have proposed, making her do a report on the experiment would at least teach her something.

    Arresting her and branding her as a criminal, on the other hand, is just the administration being lazy cowards, and then getting defensive and doubling down on their over-reaction with some legalistic handwaving.

    If they had any brains at all, they would apologize and fix this before the city has to waste time and resources taking this moronic cast to trial.

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      Where does it say the bottle was "tiny"?  It doesn't.
      Where does it say what kind of chemicals were used?  It doesn't.  Answer: hydrochloric acid and aluminum
      Where do you get those chemicals?  Well, the hydrochloric acid is in toilet bowl cleaner.  Ever read the warning label on one of those bottles?

      Google these five words together: toilet bowl cleaner aluminum foil

      My search returns about 65,000 results.
      The top 5 results are titled:
      "Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Aluminum Foil Bomb :D - YouTube"
      "Toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil explosion - YouTube"
      "How to Make a Hydrogen Fireball from Aluminum Foil and Toilet ..."
      "What makes aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner blow up"
      "How to make an aluminum foil toilet bowl cleaner explosion"

      Still think she didn't know what to expect???

      The selective and false presentation of the facts by the diarist and some of the commenters troubles me.

      I agree the consequences were grossly excessive.  No disagreement there.  Knowing what I know of the way kids are disciplined in 2013 (I have sons who are teenagers) I can say that what she did would almost certainly be grounds for suspension, probably for 3-5 days.  Maybe worse.  Expulsion seems excessive.  Criminal prosecution is insane.

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