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    Also, in high school biology, we did a lab where we swabbed various surfaces around the school, growing several very nasty bugs, quite a few of which are weaponized by governments across this planet.

    Here's a list of biological warfare agents:

    The only ones that you could grow in any reasonable high school lab are the bacterial ones.

    o Anthrax    Bacillus anthracis (N) or (TR)   
    o Brucellosis (bovine)    Brucella abortus (AB)   
    o Brucellosis (caprine)    Brucella melitensis (AM) or (BX)   
    o Brucellosis (porcine)    Brucella suis (US) or (NX)   
    o Cholera    Vibrio cholerae (HO)   
    o Diphtheria    Corynebacterium diphtheriae (DK)   
    o Dysentery (bacterial)    Shigella dysenteriae, some species of Escherichia coli (Y)   
    o Glanders    Burkholderia mallei (LA)   
    o Listeriosis    Listeria monocytogenes (TQ)   
    o Melioidosis    Burkholderia pseudomallei (HI)   
    o Plague    Yersinia pestis (LE)   
    o Tularemia    Francisella tularensis (SR) or (JT)

    Want to claim you successfully cultured any of these?  Go ahead... which ones?

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