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View Diary: Obama in Plunderland: Down the Corporate Rabbit Hole (18 comments)

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  •  I just read a piece written by Digby that (8+ / 0-)

    demonstrates the consequences of this administration's corporate policies. A new Pew poll reveals:

    Eight-in-ten Republicans (79%) say the GOP could do the better job dealing with the economy, while just 9% say the Democratic Party. Fewer Democrats (65%) say their party could do better on the economy, while 22% say the GOP could do better.

    Similarly, while 76% of Republicans say the Republican Party better reflects their views on gun control, 66% of Democrats choose the Democratic Party. On dealing with immigration, 69% of Republicans prefer the GOP while about as many Democrats (63%) say the Democratic Party could do better.

    And Digby's response:
    Huh. I wonder why the disparity? I don't suppose it might be because the Democrats have been consistently betraying their own values? No, of course not.

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