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    Philby, METAL TREK

    When a company does something we don't like what do we do?  We boycott right?  When your place of work doesn't give you the rights you deserve - you strike, right?  I think this is the approach the citizenry should take.

    Like it or not, we're not normal.  Kos readers, education advocates, we're not normal every day people.  The normal every day people who aren't engaged on this issue don't know any of this is going on because they don't have kids and they're not involved.  What is a way that we can build a community of support behind parents, teachers, students, and education allies?  Like it or not, walk outs, strikes, and shutting schools down gets people's attention really quickly.  It also puts kids who have nothing to do back in communities.... which means unsupervised teens .... and no one wants that.  THAT is where it becomes a community problem. . . and my hope is that's where people who aren't involved in this issue will learn more about the impact the best education can have on their community and in their state...

    Whatever we're doing now, just isn't working.  So I think the goal here is a little tough love.  Or I guess we could just send policy makers to the principal's office.

    The solutions on which you would like to analyze are pointless to propose at this point because there's no political will to even invest the time and energy to do it.  If you want policies read Obama's speech - invest, middle class, affordable, access... there are dozens more See: Sir Ken Robbinson.  I can understand if you don't exactly get the point of the piece - it's to call people out for their BS and hopefully encouraging people not to sit down and shut up but demand more than just empty promises from elected officials.

    Work together to save the world.

    by Sarahkatheryn on Sat May 11, 2013 at 04:47:10 PM PDT

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