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    I limit myself to certain schools in my district; for example, I won't go to the mainstream high school but love being at the alternative campus-- the one with the on-site daycare.  There, nearly everything is in packets. The kids have different levels of involvement. Some hustle and get their work done so that they can get it over with and move to the next phase of their lives. Others are there because they're forced to be somewhere and do not engage in anything other than social drama.  

    My favorite thing to do is to have discussions on topics of real concern, such as the School-to-Prison Pipeline and how it is working (or not) on each of them, or politics, or even religion. One day a young man stood up and explained why he believes in the Church of Satan and how he got to that point. At the end of the class period I thanked him for his honesty and the rest of the class for their tolerance. This is Texas, and it was quite unexpected. While this was going on, many students worked on packets or the equivalent on their netbooks, and that was great.  Kids know I'll allow them to talk about whatever is going on, as long as it's somewhat on topic to the subject at hand; the history of rap music fell within the parameters of an English class, for example.

    Railing against the assigned curriculum did not change the established role of the teacher there as a babysitter. Expecting everyone to do the work is how education has always been done, in my lifetime at least.  

    Courtesy is owed. Respect is earned. Love is given. (Unknown author, found in Guide to Texas Etiquette by Kinky Friedman)

    by marykmusic on Sun May 12, 2013 at 10:56:07 AM PDT

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