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View Diary: Going Foreward with Brain Imaging Should Include a New "Neuroethics" (47 comments)

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  •  Having spent a better part of my youth (1+ / 0-)
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    studying German Idealism and existential philosophy, it seems rather obvious to me that the brain doesn't operate in a vacuum; it requires a cultural context (broadly construed) to even produce anything remotely coherent.  Contexts change, and so does the way the brain interacts with our body, then the world.  We already have "mind control", in the form of cultural manipulation--this is exactly why income disparity hardly phases the average Joe anymore, whereas a hundred years ago we were witnessing armed confrontations between workers and the factory owners' flunkies on a regular basis.  That said, just as with bioethics, we do need neuroethics.  As with all technology, the products of neuroscience need to be democratized to the fullest extent possible.

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