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    Penny Pritzker will help them.

    UPDATE Why this policy determination now? (Interestingly, a search on “consumer reporting agencies” at Kaiser, the goto source for health care reform, shows two hits. From 2009.) It would be irresponsible not to speculate, and my speculation is this: A second difference between the draft (HHS, 26 page) and the finalized (Obama, 3 page) form is what system architects call “placement of function.” In the draft form, the function of gathering income data was placed at the front end (that is, on the web site or the paper form), where the user answers questions, rather like on a 1040. In the finalized form, these questions have been removed, and this function has been placed at the back end, meaning that the system itself will merge (“match”) information from various data sources to determine income (hence eligibility) by itself, without asking the user.

    So why, very late in the day for building a big system under severe deadline pressure, did Obama bet on shifting the income data gathering function from the front end to the back end? I would bet that’s because the credit reporting agencies told him that was a good idea, and that their data would help him make it work. If I had to speculate on Obama’s source, it would be Penny Pritzker, who used to own Transunion, and for all we know still does, through a straw.

    So IRS, Social Security, Department of Homeland Security, and Penny Pritzker's credit agencies will make the call on which bucket you go in.  I think you will learn fast!

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