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View Diary: Bob Gates calls criticism of response to Benghazi attack 'cartoonish view of military capabilities' (95 comments)

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  •  everbody can see problems (4+ / 0-)
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    some focus on one aspect of the problems, some on others.

    What doesn't really happen is a lot of good, rational discussion of how to address repressive murderous madmen in positions of national power, how to get rid of them, how much to help insurgents, and then how to teach people with no experience of self governance how to  run a country in thirty days or less (the attention span of governments and the public in foregin countries who supported the regime change) and fend off the rapacious corporate culture we have utterly failed to stymie here in our own country.

    Do we choose the dictators because they have fewer car bombings?  Becauase they themselves usually rose to power on some combination of civil unrest if not outright civil war and with the help of some nation state seeking a client state and they don't represent a solution to my mind.   Or do we finally stop the rapacious cycle of exploitation, offer real help with things like long term  funds for medical help, schools staffed by locals, stop sending missionaries of a different religion to convert the locals, etc.    In other words, do we start to offer real help, less interference and not bankroll the major multinationals private security arrangements with our military?

    Seems to me a little honest, undirected by outside forces, civil unrest as these folks try to work out age old tribal, national interests is not something we should use as a trumped up reason to interfere more or abandon the area entirely.   If we are causing the unrest, maybe we could try stopping what we are doing, instead of trying (in a bound to be doomed as all similar prior efforts have been doomed) to tell other people how to live, what their religion should be and let them decide for themselves.

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