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View Diary: Issa smears his former Blackwater shield, David Petraeus (20 comments)

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  •  I don't think the country is mad enough at the (1+ / 0-)
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    Republicans yet - at least they're not likely to vote out enough Republicans to tip the balance in the House.  But an impeachment effort might get us there.

    I don't think much will get through Congress in the election year anyway due to all their posturing (which sadly means gridlock is a permanent Washington situation since they're always in campaign mode), so it won't be like meaningful good stuff will be pushed aside while Impeachment sucks the oxygen from the room.

    If they try it, I would also hope that maybe, just maybe, President Obama directs Eric Holder to dig through those moldering old files detailing war crimes by the last administration and investigations actually take place.  I would love, love, love for charges for war crimes actually be filed against members of Bush's regime that will be used to counter these Benghazi or whatever other crimes are used to try and Impeach Obama.  Torture, killing prisoners, renditioning, warrantless wiretaps, lying to Congress - I have no doubt what went on within Bush's administration is far, far worse than anything they have on Obama.

    Yes, I do hope the Republicans try it, because I think it would finally blow up the Republican party permanently, there would finally be charges against the war criminals and other evil-doers and maybe, just maybe, this country would purge itself of the rut it's in.

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