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    Socialism isn't going to be a society in which "everyone is equal," contrary to popular lore, because everyone isn't equal, and because everyone won't be equal.  Men can't get pregnant, short people can't reach as high as tall people, and those in northern climes must work harder to stay warm than those who live in the tropics.  Human inequality, then, is a fact of life.  Socialists have no problem with it -- their complaint is with class society, the concept of creating fixed inequality among people by dividing them into one class of triumphant owners and another, much larger, class of people just struggling to get by.
    Excellent description of how the caring for others accept that things will never be equal, and the attitude that the objective is only to make it better for all.

    Thanks Cass

    There are no sacred cows.

    by LaEscapee on Mon May 13, 2013 at 12:51:57 PM PDT

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      Socialism essentially means that the rich will always be rich because that's what's important to them, but no one will die of starvation or go without necessary medical care.  Socialism means everybody gets to live at least a decent life.  Simple, really....

      Dream on, dream about the world we’re gonna live in one fine day…

      Liberal = We're all in this together
      Conservative = Every man for himself
      Who you gonna call?

      •  The problem is... (6+ / 0-)

        those rich people achieve wealth on the backs of the poor. In true socialism, it would be difficult if not impossible to achieve vast wealth, since that only occurs by stealing wealth from others by monopolizing the means of production, thus forcing people into wage slavery, as well as debt slavery.

        Take away profit at worker's expense, and that massive wealth owned by a few won't exist, since worker exploitation will be eliminated.

        Socialism is much more than providing a safety net.

        "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." -George Orwell

        by ZhenRen on Tue May 14, 2013 at 01:35:48 AM PDT

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        •  The second million (3+ / 0-)
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          JerryNA, zett, Kevskos

          should be just as difficult to make as the first, not half as difficult.  

          Better yet, make it twice is difficult: those who think they are super-smart or super-hardworking should be able to handle it.  

          And yet, this is one thing my barber doesn't seem to get.  

      •  It doesn't mean the rich will always be rich (3+ / 0-)

        In fact there won't be anyone who is rich in the way we think of it right now. The rich as a class wouldn't exist in a society based on merit.

        If debt were a moral issue then, lacking morals, corporations could never be in debt.

        by AoT on Tue May 14, 2013 at 09:58:16 AM PDT

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