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  •  Not an audit, review of tax exempt status request (5+ / 0-)

    This is being grossly mischaracterized by all.

    First, it was one office of the IRS in Cincinnati.  It did not come from higher levels of the IRS, and certainly not from the White House.

    Second, it did NOT concern the politics of those organizations.  They weren't "targeted" because they were right wing. They were targeted because the IRS got a very high volume of applications all of which were from very similar type organizations.  In other words, the IRS saw a big trend in these type organizations.

    When this happens, the IRS heightens scrutiny to look for scammers and fraudsters that are trying to ride the wave.  For example, any charities or non-profits that popped up after Hurricane Sandy got increased scrutiny.  Any tax exempt application from a group that involves private annuities will get increased scrutiny due to the potential for tax evasion.  And so it goes - this is typical IRS procedure.

    Now, given the political sensitivity involved here, it was not smart to treat this in the same manner.  They really should have sought guidance and approval on how to handle this from the Commissioner's Office, and been more transparent about the process.  The review process needs to be independent and unbiased both in fact and in appearance - in fact, it was; in appearance no.

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    by absdoggy on Mon May 13, 2013 at 12:07:57 PM PDT

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