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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Portland prepares to protect its precious bodily essences (138 comments)

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  •  Ummm not to sound like a Bircher but (3+ / 0-)
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    brentbent, GayHillbilly, 3rock

    fluoride is not good, fluoride is a hormone disruptor, why would we put it in the water?

    They used to use fluoride to treat high thyroid but they found stuff that works better. Still, its not a good idea to mess with the hormones of the entire population.

    I hope Portland smartens up fast and votes that shit down!

    •  WOW (2+ / 0-)
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      antimony, Chinton

      I'm 62.
      The amount of people nowadays who have their thyroids taken out.

    •  Wow indeed (3+ / 0-)
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      genocideisnews, 6412093, Inkpen

      And enough water can drown you!!!! Stop H20!

      Well I guess the right does not have a monopoly on ignorant, hysterical rejection of science.

      There is no evidence of a link between fluoridation in water and thyroid conditions. There are decades of population data on fluoridation in water. There is no evidence of harm. Nada nothing nix.

      There is a serious, clear, obvious link between fluoride and dental health. You are causing other people real pain with your ignorance. Specifically, you are causing children with less than excellent dental insurance pain and physical harm.

      You  need to understand the concept of "orders of magnitude" and "parts per million".

      Your comments on fluoride causing your dehydration is pretty much insane. I mean, in the nicest way, bat shit crazy. Tap water is usually more clean and more pure than bottled water.  This depends on the region, of course, but you have no idea what is in your bottled water.

      •  ya, expect a population (0+ / 0-)

        with rampant thyroid problems, often undiagnosed. Let's all ignore that fluoride was prescribed for overactive thyroid in Europe until the 70's.

        Symptoms of low thyroid:
        lethargic, low energy
        weight problems

        but I'm sure there is no connection with these symptoms gone wild in our society. Sure there are other things at play here however futzing with the endocrine system of an entire population is not a good idea.

        •  Actually hyperthyroid is more common. (0+ / 0-)

          If fluoride was depressing the thyroid in the population, then why the dramatic incidence of hyperthyroid? You would expect the opposite result. Evern when it comes to autoimmune diseases of the thyroid, there are at least 5 cases of Graves Disease for every 1 case of Hashimoto's.

          BTW I grew up in an area that added fluoride to water when I was 7. I was diagnosed wih Graves Disease when I was 58. It runs in families and two other female members of my family have been similarly diagnosed. One was raised on a farm in rural Virginia drinking well water. The other in an urban area that began fluoridating water when she was in her teens.

          Carbimazole is the most commonly prescribed drug in Europe and Asia for overactive thyroid. It is not related to fluoride. It belongs to a class of drug called thionamides. The older thionamide used in Europe is propylthiouracil, also unrelated to fluoride.  

      •  $ (0+ / 0-)

        I would bet $ that if records were available that a year after fluoridization of a town, water consumption would be down significantly.
        I don't have a problem with non fluoridated tap water.
        {Specifically, you are causing children with less than excellent dental insurance pain and physical harm}
        How the right mindwashes the left.
        I'd rather they had good nutrition. I'm sure they buy toothpaste at the 99 cent store.
        I do understand the 1%
        {"orders of magnitude" and "parts per million".}

      •  moms (0+ / 0-)

        {Specifically, you are causing children with less than excellent dental insurance pain and physical harm.}
        Before you reply I'll add
        Do you know how insulting and mentally degrading it is to assume that regular normal human being poor people don't teach their children to brush their teeth?
        I think a mom should have the right to choose toothpaste.
        The absurdity that poor people don't teach their kids to brush their teeth or at worst WE don't have a system in place to teach better habits & nutrition.
        I.e. Sesame street yourself up a few notches.

        •  specifically (0+ / 0-)

          How to break out of the supression.
          They don't buy no toothpaste.
          They wouldn't spend money from a soda for no toothpaste.
          They are human, they love their children.

          •  In conclusion (0+ / 0-)

            Reading some of the comments you have this percentage of fluoride v that percentage and the one that blows my mind is there is a poison label on fluoride toothpaste.
            How hard is this to understand? With the added unknown of chemical reactions, mistakes, etc.
            I've never heard of a kid eating a whole tube of toothpaste vs. in everything whether you want it or not.
            Oh yeah, poor people don't keep their kids out of the medicine cabinet.
            We the people, should have the option. The construct that everyone is different. Some may be sensitive. Some can not tolerate fluoride.
            It's that simple.
            P.S. I support science. I support vaccinations. I support medicine, Doctors, Hospitals, etc. There is a balance to be respected.

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