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  •  Still laughing (13+ / 0-)

    about yesterday's hover:  Harlequin romance.

    Who was the worst teacher you ever had, and why?
    What's the worst thing (so far) about aging?
    What would be your "desert island" music? (If you were stuck on a desert island with only one…)
    What is the best use for chocolate chips?
    What is the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
    I lucked out on teachers.  There were some really cruel ones that had me shaking in my boots in anticipation of being in their classes, but that I somehow avoided.  I did have a Mrs. Jacobs in 7th grade who was a bit of a despot.  Even the A students didn't like her.

    Two things:  The first thing is doing the math.  I'm 62, and so many people die in their 60s and 70s.  I want some good years after I retire.  The second thing is feeling sexually irrelevant.

    I have to choose just one artist?  That'd be like having to live on one food item.  I'd need The Who, Jack Bruce, and Joni Mitchell at the very least.

    Cookies, ice cream, or eating them straight from the bag.  If I have to choose one, I... choose all three.

    I don't remember ever breaking anything really expensive.  I broke a stereo receiver once.  I broke one of Lulu's mom's dishes once.  If it was really expensive, they were kind enough not to tell me how expensive.

    •  A well balanced musical meal (5+ / 0-)

      I'd need all my 60s British Invasion stuff for sure!

      Sexual irrelevance - in superficial L.A., those over 30 are invisible to those under 30, unless they are waiting on your table.

      Someone feeling wronged is like someone feeling thirsty. Don’t tell them they aren’t. Sit with them and have a drink. - Lemony Snicket

      by Floja Roja on Wed May 15, 2013 at 08:18:15 AM PDT

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      •  I just created a playlist (3+ / 0-)

        on my iPod, coincidentally, that is all '60s British Invasion.  Beatles, Stones, Yardbirds, Who, Peter & Gordon, Chad & Jeremy, Searchers, Hollies, Zombies, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Dave Clark 5, Honeycombs, Troggs, Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders, Walker Brothers, P.J. Proby... and many more!

        On the other subject, it's not that I have aspirations to be relevant, it's just a sense of loss when I'm surrounded by oceans of youth.  ;-)

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