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View Diary: Liberal groups received same IRS letter that ignited Tea Party outrage (149 comments)

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  •  it was a Bush appointee (4+ / 0-)
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    MikeTheLiberal, trumpeter, Sue B, David PA

    overseeing the effort, do you have to wonder why some big fish weren't looked at.  The 1% still rules inside the government.  And outside it, too.

    •  Agreed about the 1% ... but considering the focus (0+ / 0-)

      was on Teabagger groups mostly, the 1% rule has become quite bipartisan (not saying equal, clearly the parties differ, but not by a ton)

      •  it was little tea party groups (0+ / 0-)

        sounds more like the libertarian leaning ones from one tea party newsletter blog, so the 1% was still protecting their interests against the Paulite wing of the party.

        And another salient point from what little factual information is, the numbers of right wing to left wing organizations are quite disproportionate, so one might use something likely to net the most likely offenders quickly and easily.

        It was a search term, not the entire decision process from what I can tell.   Maybe when we all get to read the IG's report instead of relying on hearsay, we'll know more about what the IG really found.

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