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View Diary: Liberal groups received same IRS letter that ignited Tea Party outrage (149 comments)

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  •  The IRS should have never apologized (10+ / 0-)

    They should have said, yes we used the terms Tea party, and whatever else they used to single out political groups for extra scrutiny because thats they're job.

    I dont see where the fault would be in doing that...

    This is all a bunch of media driven bullshit if you asked me.

    The only thing the IRS did wrong was not go after the liberal groups just as hard, but who is to say they didnt....A liberal group was actually denied and the Conservative groups were not.

    I think all these political groups should be banned from both sides..that would solve this once and for all...

    If you run a political ad, a political mailer, or use a political figure's name in any advertisement,you are done..Period!

    •  In 1950's, 501c4s were change to "primarily" (2+ / 0-)
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      David PA, RockyMtnLib

      social welfare from "exclusively" or a word like that, so in the beginning you had to be Boy Scouts or something, now "primarily" can mean anything

      •  it's an easy jump... (1+ / 0-)
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        It's an easy jump from "primarily" to "primary."  Maybe that's why Karl Rove and the Tea Party types took it.  If they get caught, they can blame their reading disorders or their eye doctors, who didn't detect their sight defects.  

        That's the convenient thing about being Karl Rove or someone who follows his method:  there's always someone else to blame for devious if not flat-out illegal behavior; they, personally, are never at fault.  Never.  

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