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View Diary: Liberal groups received same IRS letter that ignited Tea Party outrage (149 comments)

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    I've been listening to the news about this on radio and TV and reading things and what strikes me is that since the Republican Party and the Republican House (and Congress in general not to miss an opportunity to equally tar the Dems in the Senate) have received ratings that close in on single digits, they have had to come up with a plan to divert attention from how little they have done and how much they intend to obstruct any future progress.  Their method is to get enough scandal pots bubbling away to make it impossible to hear ourselves think.  SCOTUS regularly makes rulings intended to motivate the legislative branch to take some action (as with Citizens United).  Why is anyone surprised that one small thing that can occur is for the IRS to make sure they get their pound of flesh and thus discourage 501c4 groups of any stripe.

    Meanwhile there has been small notice taken of the 37th vote against the ACA in the House.   Pelosi was right - if Boehner was a woman there'd be hell to pay.

    Let's try to stay on track and keep working the progressive agenda, keep shouting about the progressive agenda and how obstructionist the Republicans have been for going on 5 years. They have no agenda, they have no plan, all they can do is keep saying no.  

    •  Mr. Boehner admitted... (1+ / 0-)
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      Mr. Boehner admitted that the only reason he was holding another vote on the ACA was to give the new House members the ability to proclaim, while campaigning, that they, personally, had voted against it.  

      So, shouldn't the Republican Party, or at least the new members' campaign funds, be billed for the cost of running Congress for the hours it takes to have yet another vote that all acknowledge will go nowhere?  

      And, like all good catering halls, shouldn't there be a 10% or more mark-up for use of the facility?  When you rent a venue for a reception, for instance, you don't just pay for the cost of air conditioning, food, wait-staff, janitors, amortization of furniture costs and so on, you also pay a premium that goes directly to the venue's owner, as profit on the owner's investment.  

      It is time for Mr. Boehner and/or the Republicans to reimburse the taxpayers to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars for using our Halls of Congress for their campaign events.  They owe us.  

      Or, on the other hand, since it is supposedly illegal for them to use their offices for fund-raising purposes, couldn't we just throw all of them in jail?  

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