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View Diary: Another of the military's sexual assault prevention officers investigated for sexual assault (83 comments)

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    Does everyone grok that ksuwildcat had the distinct pleasure of being responsible for handling the fallout of bad behavior by other adult humans?  The military is not like the civilian world.

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      Every time it has felt like I was kicking my own dog.  I had to punish a child abuser once.  Still felt horrible for days after.  

      No the military is not the same.  Every time something like this happens the person responsible for imposing judgement KNOWS the criminal.  

      If someone does something wrong at a civilian job the police come and arrest them.  They eventually see a judge if they plea out or a judge and jury if they go to trial.  None of those people know the accused.  In fact they would be excluded from being part of the process if they did.  No one at work has to be part of the jury.  Their boss is not asked what punishment should be.

      For a military commander you know everything about the person standing in front of you.  You dont know know their family situation, you know their family.  You know their hopes and dreams - hopes and dreams that will potentially disappear based on your decisions.  And everyone knows that you have ABSOLUTE discretion in choosing punishment.  The flip side is that you own 100% of that punishment.  No mandatory minimums here, only maximums.  You cant hide behind what others say you have to do and you cant even site what others have done because the UCMJ is explicit in that every case is judged on its merits separately.  My commander even cautioned me when I first took command that my punishments should be fair but there was no requirement to be consistent.  Every case is different and I needed to judge the whole soldier, not apply a formula.  

      I have never met a commander who took any joy in administering justice.  When old guys sit around telling stories they rarely tell about punishing people unless there is a funny part.  The look in the eyes when you administer punishment sticks with you and haunts you.

      It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it. Robert E. Lee

      by ksuwildkat on Wed May 15, 2013 at 02:11:38 PM PDT

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