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  •  I don't know if this system is racist, (17+ / 0-)

    but it's certainly game changing for many students who absolutely know that the adults in charge are complete hypocrites.  It's the ultimate easy button, and a chance for sociopaths in school systems to reek havoc anytime a kid makes a mistake.  It's one of the most horrible policies that we somehow keeping putting up with.  The point of education is to teach, to keep kids in school by making it a place they want to be, and to help them reach adulthood with the tools to prosper.  It's not to damage by punishing them for mistakes, big or small.  But it's done over and over and over again.  

    •  ^ this (9+ / 0-)

      and it is racist, just not always intentionally but certainly as a subtext. Game changer is right, but the key in what you say is the HYPOCRISY.

      Kids are excellent at identifying certain characteristics in adults. It is part of their biological survival instincts. Dishonesty, double standards, favoritism, unfairness of any kind kids are like bloodhounds with eagle eyes. But hypocrisy is the one they truly hate the most. Kids loathe it, especially teenagers. It is possibly The Biggest Insult to a teenager, both as an accusation against them and as a personality or behavioral trait in an authority figure. You nailed this.

      The really unfortunate part of this is the example set is so poor it is embarrassing, or should be, to everyone. The GREAT thing about this is now there is at least one full high school of students who have been given a big HEADS UP on what's coming down the pike for them, and I believe this generation isn't gonna take it lying down.

      Just like the voters in Florida who waited in long lines last November, kids, you stand tall and don't back down. Because we see now, when we do, they end up backing down instead.

      The place was utterly dark—the oubliette, as I suppose, of their accursed convent.

      by bastrop on Wed May 15, 2013 at 07:12:24 PM PDT

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      •  You can't teach critical thinking with bullshit. (7+ / 0-)

        This seems to be the recurring core problem with education in the United States: You can't teach a person critical thinking skills and bullshit them at the same time. You will be successful at one task or the other; never both.

        The more dedicated adults are to maintaining double standards and teaching young people one set of "facts" while demonstrating another, the more quickly young people disengage from learning. School becomes a point-winning game at best.

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