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  •  Hi, everyone. (5+ / 0-)

    Can't remember the last biography. I think it might have been one on Catherine the Great. I'm pretty sure the author is Henri Troyat, not Robert Massie. Massie's was published 2-3 years ago, I think, during a very frustrating, non-reading time for me, and at close to 700 pages, it'll be awhile before I tackle it, if I ever do.

    Last memoir/sort-of-autobiography was The Boy Kings of Texas by Domingo Martinez.

    Scallops - never tasted one. They're seafood! Although, feeling ashamed of myself for not at least giving asparagus a chance, I cooked some in a stir-fry, loved it, and have cooked it several times since then. Maybe I'll try the very distant future.

    Wow, it's 77° here in the Hudson Valley. Sunny. Beautiful day.

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