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  •  Obama should make a "Wright"-like speech: (1+ / 0-)
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    When Obama has been faced with some real "storm" in the past, ie, Jeremiah Wright, he went "Bullworth" as Obama recently put it.

    I think this is the time for another "Bullworth" moment.

    Obama should use this to point out and underscore the nature of our politics for the past 20 years or so - the constant scandals or search for scandals at the expense of actual legislating and doing right for the country.

    Are we going to continue this constant snipping and reputation trashing style of politics and "governing", or are we going to try to recognize and acknowledge this cycle we are stuck in?

    Obama ran as a transformational figure, someone who would try to bridge the divide and he has as much as is possible - he appointed Ray LaHood, Richard .. and Chuck Hegal. He put chained CPI on the table as a cut to entitlements. I am sure there are other examples of his effort to find common ground between Dems and the GOP - Obamacare was born from the Heritage Foundation.

    Now we are entering the traditional second-term scandal period as so many have pointed out - isn't that telling, everyone expects a second-term scandal because that is embedded in our political culture. And it is destructive.

    Obama is an unconventional President in many people's minds, so him doing an unconventional thing like making a speech about the partisan nonsense of Washington would fit this meme, and perhaps would be perceived as his genuine way of trying to lead - his personal style. Which would allow people to receive the message at minimum, and perhaps even accept some or a lot of it.

    What does he have to lose? He's going to get pulled into it anyways and the typical response is the typical defense - fight back, throw people under the bus, etc. Why not take this moment to make a "Jeremiah Wright" type speech to point attention to the corrosive effect our politics has on the health of the country?

    It would frame the scandal and the culture of scandal in a way that generations to come could see it for what it is. Perhaps it could be a marker for future generations - like his "Wright" speech did for race - of when this culture began to change. It could build on Clinton's "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" - although that was perhaps the wrong way to phrase it, it is true that it is a vast right wing scandal-mongering machine.

    It seems to me that it would be a courageous risk to take and a risk worth taking - to try to overcome our tendency to destroy in order to gain power at the expense of all else. Why is it that so many Senators are retiring? And why is it that people in government are so apt to cover their arses, that they don't know what's going on below them, right under there noses.

    Obama is trying to make government work - a big part of that is clearing out this culture of scandal and personal destruction.

    It seems this could be part of Obama's legacy - his willingness to speak the truth on a difficult issue; in 2008 it was race and perhaps now it's time to address the corrosive political culture he has tried to heal in his two administrations.

    And perhaps race and this culture are part of the same beast.

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