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View Diary: Is OFA Serious about Climate Change or Not? (105 comments)

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  •  No, OFA doesn't get a pass like that. (2+ / 0-)
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    When an individual or a group is in a leadership role, there is the duty to act as a leader, especially during a time of crisis.

    Global warming is the most urgent and dangerous thing that humanity has ever faced, and the window of time to act is small. If we don't solve the problem of carbon pollution soon, then nothing else that President Obama or OFA accomplish is going to mean squat to your great-grandchildren when they're fighting for a subsistence amount of food or water.

    In that light, shutting down Keystone and the tar sands operations is necessary and non-negotiable. By not including those things as part of its mission, OFA gives credence to those who claim we don't need to shut those things down.

    If climate change and Keystone just aren't OFA's "thing," then we must reinvent OFA. If shutting down Keystone isn't on the President's agenda, then we need to change his agenda by exerting pressure everywhere we can, which includes changing what OFA is willing to go along with.

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