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    6412093, Onomastic

    Did Carter and Nixon...

    Make by far the largest investment in clean energy and energy efficiency programs in American history?

    Do the most to reduce oil consumption by having two rounds of auto mileage improvements, the first truck mileage standard, and finally forcing Detroit to get serious about electric cars?

    Sign the largest re-regulation of Wall Street and lending institutions since the New Deal?

    Create the consumer financial protection bureau?

    Accomplish, not just talk about, major health care reform?

    End two wars?

    Oversee a significant spread of democracy in the world instead of supporting dictators like we did through most of the cold war?

    Make major progress on LGBT rights?

    Make major cuts to the defense budget?

    Launch a major public works infrastructure program that expanded high speed rail?

    Not Carter or Nixon. Only Obama did those things. Yes, I'm aware of the standard list of gripes, much of which requires placing blame on Obama for things Congress blocked or forced on him (like keeping Gitmo open). Despite the negatives, the list above and more make Obama the most progressive by leaps and bounds.

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