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  •  Floor drain (5+ / 0-)

    I'm calling it a floor drain but I think it's actually called a standpipe. The building is built on a slab with no basement. This drain is basically just a 4 or 5 inch open pipe flush with the floor that extends maybe 24-30 inches down in the ground to a trap which always has some water in it.

    Using the idea of looking at the front of a wide closet, it's about 12-14 inches in from the back wall and 18" in from the right side wall.  The washer is against the left side wall where the 220 line is. Again, with the closet, the "front wall" is created by my bathroom and has only a single door sized opening in it about 20" in from the right. It's going to be loads of fun getting this unit in there. I'm thinking it will call for a good tip, LOL.

    I will have about 3" on either side of the unit to work in. This place was so poorly designed but I'm a renter so I have to live with it. At least the property owner is going to pay for a plumber to come in to replace the water supply taps. They are so frozen that my handyman wouldn't touch them for fear of damaging the pipes!

    I'm trying to keep everything as flush to the wall as I can because this is also a storage  space for me, and where I keep the litterbox.


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    by Ninepatch on Sat May 18, 2013 at 10:20:24 AM PDT

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