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  •  My favorite is the unenrolled voters who (5+ / 0-)

    refuse to take a ballot in the primary or require much badgering.  I work the polls every election, so I see this a fair amount.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

    Poll Worker: What ballot would you like? Democrat or Republican?

    Voter: I'm an independent!

    PW: Yes, I know.  But you have to choose which you'd like today.

    Voter:  I'm an independent!

    PW:  There's samples of the ballots on the wall if you want to look and see which ballot has the candidate you want to vote for. See over there...

    Voter: I don't want to look at the wall!  Give me a ballot! I'm an independent!

    PW: Yes, I know that.  But you have to choose for today.  See here the candidates on the Democratic ballot; here's the ones on the Republican ballot, which do you want?

    Voter: Okay... fine... Democrat.  But I'll stay independent, right?

    PW:  Yes. You'll stay unenrolled.

    Happens two or three times every primary.
    •  This is how (2+ / 0-)
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      stevenaxelrod, LeftHandedMan

      we ended up with Top Two in WA state. Voters are SO fixated on the idea of being "independent" that even selecting a party in private by blackening a simple R or D each time, with no way to link you to your choice after the ballot is received, was considered "intrusive" by many.

    •  Make up a special ballot for those folks? (1+ / 0-)
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      Sure, it would be largely empty -- unless there are some people running as "Independent" for some offices -- but it would shut them up.

      In many places, you actually don't stay unenrolled (or "undeclared" or whatever it's called) -- if you take a party ballot in the primary, you're considered a member of that party until you disaffiliate. Last fall we did a good business in disaffiliation forms as people were leaving the polling area. Most people told me they prefer "undeclared" because it cuts down the number of GOTV and candidate robo-calls they get bothered with. It has nothing to do with how knowledgeable they are, or how they'll actually vote.

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