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  •  Yes, that's a big part (4+ / 0-)

    of what I attempt to do, inform and persuade.  But I have other goals too.

    I think we've got the electoral stuff and candidate support well covered by well funded organizations.  The issues? Not so much.  That's what I find to be the more important work.  I also like to cover news and opinion that doesn't otherwise get much coverage.

    I have supported candidates in the past though and I will do it in the future but I'm really selective.  But I've done a lot of work on that before.  I've lost almost all faith in electoral politics and the D party though and until we get it away from the grip of mega $$ in elections, it won't much matter who we elect, IMHO.  Movements and pressure from the outside is the way to go right now.  

    I think our electorate is really poorly informed and swamped in propaganda, so I do what little I can do to improve that.  Without an informed electorate we can't have a democracy.

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Wed May 22, 2013 at 08:10:34 AM PDT

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