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View Diary: Together, We Are Not A Loan. Come to Strike Debt Bay Area's Debtors' Assembly. (30 comments)

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    ...which most observers do but
    We are FORCed into borrowing.  Only about 1/8 of people in the U.S. have jobs - income from salaries.  Another 3% are maintained-ish by government programs.  About 1/3 of people have some kind of investment which does or will - unless our Owners end those promises - as they did with pensions - pay them.
    The 99% comes from people who don't have enough coming in to along on.
    It's not as though there's been a choice.  
    And the parts of living which we work to make, which we have to pay to buy after we make it: schooling, housing, food, clothing, health care - all the elements - we, after all make them.  Yes this structure requires then we buy them on the market, instead of use them.
    We are 'the loan', not by nature; just by the system.

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