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  •  campaigns pages. (2+ / 0-)
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    Chris Bowers, CroneWit

    It would be nice if that page, and the campaign pages were easily found/accessible.

    You can't get to a main campaigns page, or your account page that shows the campaigns you have acted on, etc., from any of the solicitations to sign new petitions. That is one reason I have been so interested in the new campaign pages. I asked you about them last AMA, and I know they are on the bottom of the list of things for the tech team to do. But, I did see a mock up and I believe it is close if they will put it back on the list.

    If you have any influence on what gets done, the new campaign pages would sure help. The one I saw had my info pre-filled out which was nice. We shouldn't have to do it new every time. And, also I believe you can get to your account page and account settings from the new pages. At least there is a link.  As it is  now, all you can do is enter your info for the umpteenth time, and sign.

    Thanks, Chris for doing this AMA.

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